Cash For Gold

Right Now there are hundreds of Toronto Cash-For-Gold locations competing to buy your spare gold, silver and jewellery. The Toronto Gold Exchange helps consumers get the maximum payouts for their precious items. Find all the information you need on buying, selling, investing, appraising and caring for your gold. Gold.TO helps you get the highest returns every time while avoiding scams, cons, frauds and lowball offers. Using a trusted merchant will ensure that you are getting a fair price for your gold.

To protect yourself from being cheated, you should educate yourself on how Gold is valued, and what you should expect to get for your used Jewellery..

Sell your Gold

If you have decided to sell your gold then you will be happy to know that gold is at an all time high, so you are getting a premium payout! The downside of selling your gold is that you will not enjoy the gains that gold is likely to achieve in the future. Gold.TO recommends that you consult a financial advisor to see if selling your gold is right for you.

Cash Value of Gold

The value of gold can be calculated based on the current price per once (PPC) which can be found on

The Cash Value of Your Gold


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