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The Toronto Gold Exchange was established in 2010 with a mission: to give consumers a place to find trusted buyers and sellers of gold. Strategically, Gold.TO addresses the growing need for gold industry professionals, designers, and customers to communicate.

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About The Toronto Gold Exchange

Gold.TO is a consumer guide that empowers gold buyers and sellers. It is about time someone collected the important information on buying and selling gold in Toronto. We are that someone. We are here to help you navigate through a complicated industry. This website will teach you how to avoid dishonest dealers and gold buyers.

Gold.TO was established to protect Toronto consumers buying, selling and investing in gold. We are Gold.TO, Gold Toronto, and the Toronto Gold Exchange.

The primary function of Gold.TO is to help you understand the value of your items. The user-based Toronto Gold Exchange platform helps honest Toronto Gold Buyer locations shine.

Together with your reviews, we can find honest gold buyers in the sea of gold buyers who have popped up recently. Many of Toronto’s newer gold buyers have been found as dishonest. They are out to cheat you out of money.

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