It is important to take proper care of your gold treasures today, because valuable gold and silver jewellery can be tarnished, such that future generations to enjoy its luster. How do you go about caring for gold?

Keep gold jewelry in a box lined with satin or velvet. Bags are a bad idea if you are caring for gold jewelry, gold coins because they rub and wear away over time. If you have more than one item of gold jewelry in a box, it’s a good idea to wrap the smaller pieces of tissue paper to prevent scratching.

Along with proper storage, cleaning plays a crucial role in caring for gold jewelry. You can use a soft bristle brush for detailed drawings and other times very soft cloths. Jewellers will tell you that when caring for gold jewelry, we recommend using warm water and mild soap-free, or specific products for cleaning gold.

Once in a while, drop your gold jewelry in boiling water with a pinch of baking soda. Leave only half a minute, and clean the piece immediately after pulling form water. Perform this process on a piece of jewelry at a time.

There are other things to remember while caring for gold jewelry.Remember to remove all gold jewelry before entering the pool!Chlorine erodes this soft metal. It ‘s also a risk because diamonds and other stones can easily fall out of their settings. Do not let cleaners or other chemicals come in contact with your gold, reduce the brightness of the yellow metal.

It really is not too difficult a task, and the care of gold jewelry is definitely helpful! Keep your favourite gold jewelry heirlooms, and passed them down to your future generations!


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