1. Find all the loose change you have lying around your home and roll it all, then go straight to the bank to trade the coins for bills. Most Canadians don’t realize that they have on average 30 dollars in coins in their home. Check your quarters and nickles for dates older than 1964. Older coins were often minted in silver so collectors and some gold buyers will give you a premium for these coins. Take them to your local coin dealer, jeweler or cash-for-gold location in Toronto.
  2. Collect all the liquor bottles and beer cans in your home, and find any loose cans and bottles to return to the LCBO or the Beer Store. You will earn 17 cents for every large liquor and about 10 cents for every can. You can find sources for more bottles like offering to return your neighbour’s empties.
  3. 3. Host a Gold Party! A Gold parties is a fun social event that you could host in your home where you invite a professional antiques, jewellery and coin appraiser and a number of your friends. The appraiser is prepared to purchase gold and silver items and you can earn a commission on everything purchased.
  4. Pawning your valuables is an easy way to make some fast cash to help with your bills. Just understand that the items that you pawn are liable to be confiscated if you don’t pay back the loan on schedule.
  5. Cash in those air miles that you have been collecting. Most Air miles cards offer some sort of cash back rewards program where you could trade your points for a cash payout. Call the number on your air miles card to get details.


Tip #1: Know Your Value

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Welcome to our 4 tip series on how to sell your gold in Toronto. In part one, we go over how to know your value. The first thing you need to do if you want to sell gold (or anything for that matter) is know what it's potentially worth. How do you do that? The Best Way: Call us at 1(800)644-7313 and...