The best Instagram feeds for gold photos


If you love gold as much as we do, you want to see it in all its incarnations. With the rise of social media, it’s never been easier to revel in gold’s beauty thanks to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.

This week, we want to showcase the top Instagram accounts boasting stunning photos of gold and gold jewellery. These accounts hail from across the world, and their common thread is their unbridled passion for gold. We can relate!

In no particular order…


A jeweller since 1884, Bvlgari brings immense experience and dedication to their seasonal releases. This week they went viral with their video (at almost 33,000 views!) promoting their SerpentiForm line, influenced by snakes. Don’t be creeped out; these gold-plated snakes, and similar iterations, are unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Previous photos include runway shots of models wearing gold, gorgeous pendants featuring pink gold, videos of collections by costume jewelry giant Monet and much more.

FD Gallery

Collecting exceptional 20th-century jewels, New York City’s FD Gallery doesn’t mind showing off their wares on Instagram. Lucky for us, plenty of gold makes its way onto the feed, such as gold bracelets, necklaces and even a pair of dice.

At 80,000+ Followers, this feed gets lots of double-tab love for close-up views of their pieces, so much so you can almost count each tiny diamond encrusted on a ring. The gold really pops off some of their pics. And we especially appreciate some of the historic photos they unearth, like one of Grand Duchess Cyril sporting a diamond and pearl tiara.

Stone & Strand

This online hub is best known as a one-stop outlet for those interested in indie jewellers, and their feed complements their site nicely. From stylish earrings to beautiful rings, their feed has it all. The photos are well lit and tightly shot.Finding gold pieces takes some digging but if you got a thing for gold

Gem lovers will definitely be following this feed, and if you got a thing for gold jewellery, especially designed with a creative flair, Stone & Strand won’t disappoint.

They also announce on their feed sample sales and other special sales, in case you’re in the mood to purchase a golden goodie for yourself.


Let’s go way overseas to India where jeweller Sabyasachi has cemented his reputation as a top-flight designer whose work is known across the world. The Insta account takes stunning photos of the gold jewellery, often adorned on models who wear the pieces in that distinct Indian style.

Bridal jewellery also is displayed prominently, whose look is quite different than traditional North American bridal jewellery.

Fashionistas will adore the silken garb worn by the models to accentuate some of the more colourful pendants and earrings.

Do you have a fave feed we didn’t mention? Or maybe you’d like us to see profile golden feeds on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest? Let us know in the Comments section!



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