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CAD 1oz. Gold

USD 1oz. Gold

CAD 1oz. Silver

USD 1oz. Silver

Gold Price

  • 8k Gold Jewellery – 8k/24k – 33.3% Pure Gold Marked 8k/333
  • 9k Gold Jewellery – 9k/24k – 37.5% Pure Gold Marked 9k/375
  • 10k Gold Jewellery – 10k/24k – 41.7% Pure Gold Marked 10k/416
  • 14k Gold Jewellery – 14k/24k – 58.3% Pure Gold Marked 14k/585
  • 18k Gold Jewellery – 18k/24k – 75.0% Pure Gold Marked 18k/750
  • 20k Gold Jewellery – 20k/24k – 83.3% Pure Gold Marked 20k/833
  • 21k Gold Jewellery – 21k/24k – 87.5% Pure Gold Marked 21k/875
  • 22k Gold Jewellery – 22k/24k – 91.7% Pure Gold Marked 22k/916
Stack of Gold Bars

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