Tip #1: Know Your Value


Welcome to our 4 tip series on how to sell your gold in Toronto. In part one, we go over how to know your value.

The first thing you need to do if you want to sell gold (or anything for that matter) is know what it’s potentially worth. How do you do that?

  1. The Best Way: Call us at 1(800)644-7313 and speak to a live agent. Our goal is to help you find out how you can get the most dollars for your gold, based on value. Gold.TO will put you in touch with a positively reviewed partner based on your location and items. Finally, it is always helpful to check the “spot” value of the metal at the moment you’re selling it – using our website or anyone else’s. In our next tip, we show you how the math behind a rough approximation of how metal value works.
  2. The Simple Way: Click Here to Get a Free Gold Market Value Report (2 minutes to complete), and wait 24-48 hours for us to respond with the market value of your products. The benefit is that you also get any notes on additional sources of value such as brand, collectible, and/or numismatic value. We may have follow up questions – but we can definitely help you get the most value for your gold.
  3. The Bad Way: go into a “Cash for Gold” store and sell them your gold at the first price they give you. WE NEVER RECOMMEND THIS STRATEGY UNLESS YOU GO TO A TOP REVIEWED BUYER THAT ADVERTISES THEIR PRICES. 
  4. The only two companies in Toronto that presently do this are Muzeum (currently rated the top gold buyer in Toronto based on gold.to reviews) and Toronto Gold.

The value is primarily calculated by the purity of the gold in your possession and the weight. For non-industry experts, this information can be tough to know off the top of your head. You have to know where to look for markings, what those markings mean to  determine the purity and more.

Want to know more? Check out Tip #2: Know Your Mass


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