Presidential Concerns Pushing Up Gold


There is a strong correlation between market insecurity and higher gold prices.

It absolutely looks like the identity of the future president has hammered fear into at least some investors. Much more so than when Hillary Clinton was seen as the pre-eminent Whitehouse contender. Bullion demand has increased to the highest in almost one month, and as Mr. Wayne Gordon of UBS noted, gold could go as high as USD 1,400 per troy ounce on a Trump election.

Even as the metal that former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke repeatedly said he could not and would not predict seems destined to meet increased market popularity, people are concerned. In fact, prices have increased despite policies that lean towards increasing interest rates, and will continue to do so.

In the mean time, mining companies have been cutting costs. Sharply aware of the fact that  increased interest rates mean higher yields, many people in the business are fearful of where gold could be going. With that mind, silver has fared less well, and fears exist that the future president will cause a wave of fearful market sentiment.

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